Reduce your plastic use simply by using bar soap

June 27, 2020

Reduce your plastic use simply by using bar soap

Are you becoming increasingly concerned with plastic pollution and looking for ways to reduce your plastic use?

One super simple way is by using bar soap with minimal packaging.

Body wash, shampoo and dishwashing liquid can be easily replaced with bar soap, eliminating the need for a disposable plastic bottle and the hard to recycle pump that comes with many of these products.

The beauty of bar soap, is that it virtually has no plastic packaging.

1-2 bars of soap replace a typical bottle of body wash...How's that for reducing your plastic use?!

Moreover, there are other Earth and Health conscious reasons bar soap is a winner. These include:

  • Bar soap is biodegradable, unlike many synthetic detergent body washes, shampoos and dishwashing liquids.
  • It cleans equally well (or better).
  • It's generally made with natural, food-grade ingredients. Always look at the ingredient list. If you feel you may need a Science degree to understand it, perhaps you should look for another bar soap. The ingredients should be mostly recognisable and when in doubt you should always ask the producer. It is your right to know!
  • Buying handcrafted soap supports local small businesses and the local economy. Such an important aspect, given the situation we (globally) are being face with currently.

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