About Us

Hello my name is Sara!

I am a Mum of three wonderful children and a Health Scientist.

How did The Australian Soap Kitchen come about you may ask?

Well... I have spent 18 years studying, researching and teaching (at a Melbourne-based university) nutrition and food science, as I have always been interested in what we are feeding our bodies and their effects on health and well-being.

After having my B1 & B2 (my two older children), I began to increasingly think about and question what ingredients were in our everyday household wash products, and essentially what we (as a family) were feeding our skin. It did not take long for me to realise that what we feed our skin is just as important as what we feed our body! I also learnt about the many worrisome ingredients in commercial soaps and felt the need to develop an all-natural alternative utlising traditional soap making methods.

So I started to 'cook up' some very special soapy delights in my kitchen and they were an instant hit with my family, extended family and friends! Just like that The Australian Soap Kitchen was born!!

Only the finest and purist ingredients go into our soaps, and no animal products or palm oil are used. In fact, majority of the ingredients used may very well be found in your kitchen pantry!

We understand that making a switch from commercially-mass produced soap to a handcrafted, all-natural alternative can be difficult; but we assure you that your skin will thank you for it. Once you try our soaps, there is little chance you will want to use anything else!

We hope you enjoy The Australian Soap Kitchen’s natural and organic soaps as much as we truly enjoy making them.

Happy soaping from us, to happy washing for you!

Soapy Love,


Founder of The Australian Soap Kitchen

(Bachelor of Applied Science (Nutrition & Food Science) Honours, PhD)

**The Australian Soap Kitchen is registered with the Australian Government Department of Health NICNAS (registration number 15584)