Soapy FAQs

How are your soaps made?
Our soaps are handcrafted with the utmost love and care. All of our soaps are made in small batches and are hand mixed, poured and cut. The process we use to make our soaps is that of the traditional cold-pressed method. This allows for the goodness in all the ingredients incorporated into our soaps, to be retained as much as possible. The process of soap being freshly made to the time it is ready to be enjoyed, takes several weeks.

What is in your soaps?
All of our soaps contain food grade oils, pure essential oils and fresh or dried herbs and flowers. We pride ourselves in using only the purist and finest ingredients that are locally sourced and certified organic where possible. We do not use any animal products, palm oil or synthetic ingredients.

Why are your soaps lightly scented?
At The Australian Soap Kitchen, we choose to only use natural, plant-based ingredients. For scented soaps we use natural, pure essential oils that are extracted from plants. Essential oils provide a lighter scent in bar soap. Their synthetic counterparts (fragrance oils) on the other hand, provide a stronger scent and are commonly used in the beauty/body product industry. These fragrance oils can be made up of many synthetic chemicals with questionable effects on skin and general health and therefore we choose not to include these in our soaps.

What are the size of your soaps?
All our hand, body and hair soap bars are cut by hand and therefore sizes may vary between 100-120g. The size of our shave soap varies between 70-80g. Evaporation of water from the soap bars may still continue until used. Our liquid hand and body wash is available in two sizes 250ml and 500ml.

Are your soaps vegan?
Yes, all our soaps are 100% vegan and tested only on humans.

Are your soaps environmentally friendly?
Yes, only earth friendly, 100% natural ingredients are used that are completely biodegradable.

Are your soaps suitable for use on babies and those with sensitive skin?
All of our soaps contain high amounts of natural and beneficial oils and are free of any synthetic ingredients. Our most popular soaps for our customers with babies and sensitive skin are Colive, Hydrating Avocado, Ovocado and Soothing Olive.

Although allergic reactions to our ingredients are uncommon, we recommend that when using our soaps for the first time that you test the product on a small patch of skin for 24 hours.

Why does my skin feel softer using your soap compared with commercial soap?
Handcrafted, cold-pressed soap naturally contains the highly-moisturising, glycerine. Unfortunately, most mass-produced, commercial soaps have the glycerine removed as it is a valuable by-product that is then sold for use in other cosmetics.

How should your soaps be used?
Our soaps can be used to clean your face, hands, body and hair. We also have specialty soaps that can be used for shaving and washing of dishes. Avoid internal use and getting the soap in your eyes.

How long will your soaps remain fresh? Once in use, how long will they last?
Our soaps will keep for approximately 1 year, but are best used within 6 months to retain the ingredient strength and goodness. When being used, our soaps can last from a week to a couple of months depending on how often it is used.

How do I make my soap last longer?
To help extend the life of your soap, keep it dry after use by placing it on its edge or in an elevated soap dish where it can drain. You can purchase one of our handmade wooden soap dishes that will aid in keeping your soap dry. If you wish to store your soap before you use it, store in a dark, dry place like a linen closet or drawer.